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we see your phone camera, and raise you OSMO

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Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to fly? To take cinematic video of your favourite hiking spots, your son’s first goal at the soccer game, or have footage of your last vacation that is true to how you remember it to be?

Skybot prides itself in offering the most innovative and easy to use cinematic equipment – all designed to be used with you smart phone or tablet. From HD drones to the newest edition, the OSMO, which allows you to take high quality footage from any angle in any environment, without the shake or blur of traditional cameras.

Memories are made in a moment but last forever. Capture and edit each of these moments and share keepsakes with your friends and family. Find out how Skybot products are more than just a toy by booking a live demo, or how to protect your Skybot product with professional training & support.

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